HTTP-Tunnel Installation

Please visit the Installation page for detailed instructions on how to install HTTP-Tunnel. This includes instructions on how to set up communication behind proxies and firewalls as well as information on how to enter your key.

How To Tunnel Videos

Videos to help you detect what kind of network your PC is part of, and use this information to configure HTTP-Tunnel.

You are behind a firewall or transparent proxy:

  • Firewall Video - Verify you are behind a firewall or transparent proxy

You are behind an HTTP proxy:

Any other questions?

Please visit our Support Forums for assistance from our technical experts.

NOTE: Mail sending support (SMTP) through e-mail applications has been blocked due to abuse by spammers.

Application Configuration

Guides to help you configure some popular applications to work through HTTP-Tunnel can be found by clicking on the appropriate links below:

HTTP-Tunnel Client v4