Support News

This section discusses some of the more common issues which have arisen from the latest releases of the HTTP-Tunnel client. This section will also sometimes provide workaround solutions to software bugs which have recently been identified and recreated.

2003-11-04: HTTP-Tunnel Client configuration problems

Details: Due to the elimination of the free servers, it is now mandatory to enter a subscription key in the HTTP-Tunnel client. This added security feature seems to have inadvertently introduced a bug into the client v2.9.0081. If the client is not configured properly when it is first used or if an upgrade has been performed from a previous version of the client which was not properly configured, the tunnel client may become completely unconfigurable.

Potential resulting error messages:


"Unable to access the internet. Please check the proxy server settings and username/password if applicable."

Current solution:

1) If you are not running v2.9.0081 of the HTTP-Tunnel client (or later) please download and install the latest version.

2) Exit the HTTP-Tunnel Client.

3) Download the HTTP-Tunnel Client Configuration Reset Tool (28 KB).

4) Run the HTTP-Tunnel Client Configuration Reset Tool (double-click on HTConfig_Reset.EXE)

5) Start up HTTP-Tunnel. The following pop-up dialog message should appear: "You must set the configuration before starting HTTP-Tunnel. Set configuration now?". Click on Yes.

6) The following configuration dialog box should then appear:

Please configure HTTP-Tunnel according to your network settings. For explanations on the different options, please consult the following web page:
(near the bottom of the page)

7) Click on the Test button. If your network settings are configured properly, you should obtain a message indicating that your configuration was successfully tested. Click on the OK button.

8) Click on the Help Menu -> Enter Key. Enter your HTTP-Tunnel key - you should be able to copy it from your confirmation invoice e-mail and paste it. If your key is authenticated properly, the HTTP-Tunnel should exit automatically and prompt you to restart it. Click on OK to validate your key.

9) The HTTP-Tunnel client software should now be configured to work properly. For instructions on how to 'Tunnel' individual applications, please consult our user guides.


2003-11-03: Low Bandwidth Service & Old Versions of the Client

Important Note: The free service has been officially shut down as of today. The free service has been replaced by the paid Low-Bandwidth Service. Please note that keys which have been issued for the Low Bandwidth Service will ONLY work with the client v2.9.0081 or later.


2003-11-02: Key in Use Error

Details: On 10/26/2003 2:00 AM, Daylight Savings Time came into effect. As a result, all clocks were shifted back by 1 hour. This event wreaked havoc on our servers. At first, it appeared as though this bug would be resolved on its own within 15 minutes of the actual time change. It was later discovered that the time change also placed all the servers out of synchronization, thus causing the problem to persist. The servers were re-synchronized on the 2nd of November to eliminate this problem.

Potential resulting error messages:


"Key is invalid, please contact HTTP-Tunnel for a new key. If you believe the key is valid, kill the client and restart it after 15 minutes. If you would like to use the free service, please clear the existing key."

Current status:

1) The "Key in Use" error message should never appear if HTTP-Tunnel is already started and running. Please contact us through the forums, if the "Key in Use" error message appears after at least 2 minutes have gone by without the client being restarted.

2) The "Key in Use" error message may appear if HTTP-Tunnel has exited without the server recognizing that the user has "logged off". This generally only occurs if HTTP-Tunnel has crashed. In this case, you will need to exit HTTP-Tunnel and wait for 15 minutes before restarting the client again.