User Guides

The User Guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to install HTTP-Tunnel and how to configure some of the more popular applications to work through HTTP-Tunnel. This section includes both videos and written tutorials with screenshots.

Please consult these user guides prior to contacting technical support - that will help us assist you in the smoothest and fastest fashion possible.

Customer Service

For any concern about the status of your account, contact Customer Service.

Billing questions, subscription cancellation requests and problems with your key should be reported through this section.

Technical Support

For technical issues please visit the Technical Support section.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions and instructions on how to resolve commonly reported technical problems can be found in this section.

Server Status

Server Status page shows you the status of our servers, live.

User Forums

Jump to the user forums by clicking here: Forums.

The forums provide a quick resource for answers to some of the difficulties faced by our users. Our technical support team moderates these forums and frequently posts messages on the forums to assist users with troubleshooting.

Support News

The support news section provides information on the latest system-wide technical support and customer service problems which may arise. This section will include time-stamped reports of service downtime, temporary technical problems with our payment processors and concerns over new product releases.

Please consult this section if your service seems to be temporarily acting up or to report possible system-wide problems.