Installing HTTP-Tunnel

To install HTTP-Tunnel:

  1. Download HTTP-Tunnel from . Install the program and then run the application.
  2. Click on the About button. Continue if you've read and agreed to the terms and conditions.
  3. ( If you still have problems, please contact our Support Forums Or email us to or fill out a form. Remember to go to User Guides to provide step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure your favorite program.

  4. Click on the Configure menu item. The Configuration Window should appear.
  5. The Configuration window will have 3 Options. The Auto detect works in most cases. It can determine if you are just behind a firewall or if Internet Explorer is configured to use a proxy. (These settings will be imported into the configuration window of the client.) If your proxy requires authentication be sure to check the box and enter the proper Username and Password (Make sure you have not changed the settings in Internet Explore such as putting in the values and Port 1080 before doing this test) Complete 1 of the 3 options and click test. If the test succeeds your proxy/firewall settings are correct and HTTP-Tunnel should work fine. If the test fails, HTTP-Tunnel has not been able to reach the Internet. Try changing your settings and try connecting again. HTTP-Tunnel will NOT work properly unless this test succeeds.

When the client is connected the log window will constantly show you the status of HTTP-Tunnel. On initial connection the first line shows the version of the client. The second shows the configuration being used. The third and fourth show the connection attempt and login and the fifth line will show the IP address of the HTTP-Tunnel server the client is connected to. After connecting, your window should look similar to this.

If you are unable to connect you may need to verify manually if you are behind a firewall or proxy. To do this open Internet Explorer. On the Menu bar Go to>Tools>Internet Options. The Internet Options Window should appear, click on the Connections Tab, on the lower right is a radio button LAN settings, click on that. The Local Area Network window should appear. If the 'Use automatic configuration script' option is selected contact Support for assistance. If the 'Proxy server' option is selected you may be using a proxy. Click on the Advance tab. The Proxy Settings window should appear.

If these fields are completely empty you are behind a firewall. Then what you need to do is: In the HTTP field enter and in Port enter 1080 then check the box 'Use the same proxy server for all protocols. (Once you have done this you will notice the Socks field remained empty. What you could then do is uncheck the 'Use the same proxy server for all protocols. Remove all entries from all fields and then in Socks enter and 1080 in the port area of Socks. Experimenting with these two configurations may help you determine which works best for you.) Then click OK, OK And OK as you exit Internet Explorer. The all you need to do is Open the tunnel client to the Configure window and select 'No Proxy only a firewall and Click on test. You should then connect to the HTTP-Tunnel servers

If any of these fields are filled in you are using a proxy. Write the Proxy Server address and Port number down for later. Now configure the Proxy Settings window just as was done for the No Proxy only a Firewall. Then click OK, OK And OK as you exit Internet Explorer. Now open the client to the Configure window and choose the Specify Proxy option. Enter in the proxy server address/port number you wrote down into the Server Name/IP and the Port number fields and Click on test. You should then connect to the HTTP-Tunnel servers.

Check Boxes

  • Proxy requires authentication: Select this if you need to provide a username & password to get through your proxy
  • Allow up to two IPs to connect to HTTP-Tunnel: Allows one extra computer aside from the main one to use HTTP-Tunnel.
  • Proxy supports the "CONNECT" command: Some proxy servers support the CONNECT command. This will drastically improve HTTP-Tunnel's performance if it is supported. If you are unsure whether it is supported, try enabling it. If your application doesn't work, disable it!

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