What is the use of remote management software if you can't use it? While remote administration services work well for users with direct connections to the internet, technicians have been helpless to assist their customers who are behind complicated firewalls, NATs and routers.

Introducing: Remote Anywhere!
Remote Anywhere solves this dilemma by routing all remote management communication via HTTP protocol, allowing you to bring a remote user's desktop to your screen through any firewall, NAT, or router. Since Remote Anywhere is easy to install and configure, assistance for any client's system is merely seconds away. Remote Anywhere is made up of two components: MAN-PC, which runs on the clients computer and REM-PC, which runs on the technician's system.
The solution works as follows:
  • MAN-PC runs on your target computer with a front-end interface provided in the form of a SOCKS proxy server. It manages and actively redirects all data transmissions between the computer and the network, enwrapping all protocols in a HTTP coating.
  • At the same time REM-PC receives and sends information to the MAN-PC over the HTTP protocol, acting as a surrogate for the computer behind the firewall, and thus powering the operation of MAN-PC.
    Remote Management Software Supported:
  • Microsoft Terminal Services
  • VNC
  • The ability to tunnel other types (contact sales)
  • User friendly interface
  • 128-bit encryption of all data sent
  • Compatible with most Remote Management applications
  • Router, NAT, Proxy & Firewall Friendly
  • Real-time, Multi-system Control Per License
  • Central Management
    OS Requirements
    Remote Anywhere runs on a variety of Windows operating systems (Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP). There are currently no releases available for Unix or Macintosh. Customization: We, at HTTP-Tunnel, understand that every organization has different needs and demands. We therefore are accustomed to customizing Remote Anywhere to suit your needs. Please contact sales for details.