Your Success Is Our Business

HTTP-Tunnel Corporation is a fast growing corporate communications company that was founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2001. Since its inception, HTTP-Tunnel has released three successful products and stimulated the creation of a new field in networking.

We at HTTP-Tunnel adhere to a three-step plan which represents the foundation of this company:

    1. Innovate: At HTTP-Tunnel we think up new ways to find new innovative software. This process starts by seeing a problem and/or opportunity to make technology work for the users.
    2. Create: The next step is to create the product that best suits our users, by listening to their specific needs and wants, for instance what options they desire, functions, personal settings etc.
    3. Determined: We, at HTTP-Tunnel, believe this final step to be the most important of all. It is the continuous challenge to make our products unparalleled to our competition and to make our clients the number one priority.
We believe that with this three-step program the only limit is one's imagination. "If you can think it, we can create it". We know the future is about people and their software and we are here to merge the two.

Corporate Headquarters

HTTP-Tunnel Corporation
765 Beaubien Est Suite 505
Montreal, Québec
Canada H2S 1S8

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